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Here is the history on the story:

For a brief amount of time in 1977, the State of California blocked certain sentencing options. During this window of time, there was no sentencing of consecutive terms, no death penalty nor life in prison without parole. Murder during this timeframe carried no significant legal consequence and due to Gonzalez being sentenced within this period, he received life in prison for the premeditated, double, torture, revenge murder, but was eligible for parole 7 years later.

The children of the Effron’s, Gary and Cheryl, have spent their entire adult lives fighting to keep Gonzalez in jail.


On February 24, 2015, the Board of Parole conducted a hearing for Jose Gonzalez in which Dr. Cheryl and Gary Effron, children of the deceased, presented testimony to keep Gonzalez behind bars. Unfortunately, the Effron siblings felt the entire process was a sham, as nothing that was said or brought to the boards attention had any impact on their decision and at the end of the hearing, they granted his parole.

Updated Newscast on ABC after the hearing:  CLICK HERE

We are asking for letters to be written to Governor Brown, who has the power to overturn the decision by the Board of Parole and keep Gonzalez behind bars. These letters need to arrive in the Governor’s office no later than April 24th, but not earlier than the 15th. If you wish to write your letter now, prepare the letter addressed to the Governor and place it in a sealed envelope and then place that inside an envelope addressed to Cheryl Effron to mail or drop your letters off at one of our office (addresses below) and we will gladly pay the postage to mail your letters to the Governor’s office in the required time.

The offices are located at:

Cheryl Effron
17822 Beach Blvd #452
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Cheryl Effron
500 S. Anaheim Hills Rd #210
Anaheim, CA 92807

Sample letters are attached that can easily be modified to include your name and location.  The body of the letters can also easily be modified to meet your personal feelings.   Sample Letter #1 Sample Letter #2 Sample Letter #3

UPDATE – 4/14/2015 – We are in our final push to collect letters. I am so grateful for the support that we have received – to date, we have over 800 letters in hand and have received verbal confirmation from the Governor’s office that they have already received many that were mailed directly. Gary will be delivering the letters in person early next week. We will keep you updated as information is made available to us!

UPDATE – 6/17/2015 – After feeling like we were getting close to a determination being handed down by the Governor, we have now been informed that it may be as late as JULY 24 before he makes any announcement.  Although this is a shock that we didn’t expect, we remain hopeful that he will do the right thing and overturn the decision of the Board of Parole Hearings.  Thank you again for your continued support!

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