January 2017 Specials

Tighten the Heck out of Your Neck – Revisited

Kybella – an injectable solution to dissolve fat in the mid-neck and tighten neck and jaw line.  Two Vials for $1190

Add Excel V Genesis laser tightening treatments for Neck – 3 treatments for $900, Reg $595 ea

SmartSkin CO2 Laser EYE Resurfacing – Tighten and reduce fine lines around the eyes – 1 treatment for $895 – 2 treatments for $1600 (Includes 1 vial Calecim Professional Serum to enhance repair)

Product Special:  Calecim Multi-Action Cream is a protein derived stem cell cream for fine line and pigment reduction.   Use in AM before Morning Dew and PM  before Silky Balm to lock in moisture and heal skin from within.  Now $153, Reg $169

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