November Specials


Pore Refining 10/2 Pads – Salicylic and Glycolic acid are used in combination in these pads to promote exfoliation, and the sloughing of dead skin cells – now $18, Reg 22

INTRODUCING:  EffronMD Rejuvinating Serum – This serum combines a bio-compatible antioxidant system with 20% Vitamin C complex that brightens the skin and improves radiance, conditions and tones, and supports nurishment, firmness, hydration and improved tone.  Use both AM/PM for maximum results.  $77 or 2 for $140 (10% savings)

DermaSweep Facial (with Kali) – Particle-free microdermabrasion that gently lifts and vacuums away dead skin and cleans pores.  Final step infuses the skin with solution for calming, brightening or acne control – Now $159, reg $195 or 3 for $399

Peels by Dr. Effron – Gycolic Acid (0-1 day recovery period) – alpha-hydroxy acid known to reduce fine lines, reduce acne breakout and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  Also improves appearance and texture – Face, Neck, Chest & Hands – Now $245, reg $295

Signature Peel (3-4 day recovery period) – combination acid peel for mid-depth rejuvenation and reduction of sun damage, large pores, reduction of acne breakout and scars – Face, Neck, Chest & Hands – Now $295, reg $345

RevePeel – (7 day recovery period) – 4 acid peel for deep rejuvenation, reduction of lines and wrinkles, brightening and balancing of pigment and supports rapid cellular turn-over – Face, Neck, Chest & Hands – Now $345, reg $395


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