Spring into a fresh new you!


No other time of the year better exemplifies rejuvenation and renewal more than spring.  This spring take the time to get a jump start on a fresh new you!

We have designed amazing skin care protocols to help our patients look their best.

DermaSweep – Polished Perfection for your skin…

DermaSweep is the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation. DermaSweep gently lifts the skin surface as the device “sweeps away” the dead skin layer, resulting in a deeper exfoliation and polish of your skin. The increased blood flow encourages collagen formation, thus firming and toning your skin.

Along with exfoliation, the DermaSweep also incorporates Epi-Infusion treatments which delivers of skin specific topical solutions, resulting in fresher feeling and better looking skin. DermaSweep’s topical solutions are formulated to treat specific dermatological conditions. The solution is applied under vacuum pressure at the same time the system exfoliates the epidermis. Dr. Effron nursing staff tailors the treatments to your unique skincare needs.

Skin Peels – Refresh In An Afternoon…

Skin peels use acids and other agents to create a controlled exfoliation of the skin.  These effective treatments were once thought to be only for tolerant skin, but today’s technology coupled with Dr. Effron’s expertise in this area has now allowed her to have effective peels for sensitive skin that no only rejuvenate but brighten the skin as well.

Fraxelated CO2 resurfacing – Give us a week and we will reduce your lines. 

Not the CO2 resurfacing of yesteryear, our advanced laser works with a specialized scanning system to not only resurface the skin, but to induce collagen rejuvenation as well.  This is the choice for deep wrinkles, photo damages and even poor skin texture.  Results are seen in as little as one week and the skin continues to improve for three months.

Gemini– Gives you an even playing field

One of the signs of young, radiant skin is even skin tone.  Our Gemini laser is effective for Acne, discoloration, vascular spots and vessels.

Botox/Xeomen – One time its good to reduce the activity

We use these two injectiables to freeze the lines on the face.  The key to treatment with these products is to achieve natural results.

Fillers – Instant Gratification

As their name states, fillers act to literally fill in lines and wrinkles, as well as plump lips.  Again, natural results are the key and we use several different fillers to achieve the results we are after.

Belotero for fine lines, Juvederm for medium lines, Radiesse for deeper lines and Scuptra for volumizing hollowed areas.

At our office we strive to provide you with results to meet your goals.  Packages can be created to give you the desired result.  When combined with the proper at-home skin care regimen, these treatments will rejuvenate you for the spring in just a hop, skip and a jump.

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