The Multi-Faceted Approach


The Multi-Faceted Approach

Today, the options in anti-aging are greater than ever.  Topical treatments, lasers and injectables are all making it possible to literally take years off your appearance.  No longer is a “one treatment fits all” the accepted approach.  Treatment protocols should be customized to the patient’s exact needs.  When used in combination, these treatments can create synergistic results with truly remarkable outcomes.


For years lasers have been the physician’s go-to tool to smooth the skin.  Three of the hottest laser treatments include

Smartskin – Microablative CO2 Laser Treatment –  This is not the CO2 laser treatment of the 90’s.  This new advanced laser works with a specialized scanning system to not only resurface the skin, but to induce collagen rejuvenation as well.  This is the choice for deep wrinkles and fine lines, photo damages and even poor skin texture.  Downtime is about 1 week of looking slightly sunburned.

Affirm Laser – This unique laser system works on a wide variety of skin problems including wrinkle reduction, scar & stretch mark reduction treatment, age spots, as well as facial rejuvenation and skin tightening.  It’s great for necks and chests too!  Downtime is 48 hours of redness.

Excel V/Gemini Laser – Using two laser wavelengths, this unique treatment works on pigments, spider veins, port wine stains and other unwanted red marks, leg veins, as well as acne, skin tags & small growths on face, chest and back.  Downtime is up to 4 days with minor crusting.


The beauty of injectables is it gives almost dramatic results with very little down time.

Botox –Injections are performed to reduce forehead lines, crows-feet and squinting lines, as well as treatment to reduce excessive underarm sweating and prominent neck bands.

Juviderm – This injectable uses the power of hyaluronic acid to do everything from filling in unwanted lines, wrinkles, acne scars to giving lips a nice plump look.  It is an instant lift.

Sculptra – The volumizer Sculptra is used to create natural results overtime, and is used for large volume filling.   This product works as a collagen promoter and restores the underlying support of the skin.

Radiesse – This filler gives great deep tissue correction for the nasalabial folds and depressions.

Skin Care Regimen –

“Take-home” skin care is as vital to overall rejuvenation as any other step.  This is the part that prepares your skin for better outcomes of procedures and maintains the work you have had done, as well as further enhances the results.

At minimum, a skin care regimen should include a cleanser, a treatment product – such as antioxidants and/or a retinoid, a moisturizer, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

The Today – Tomorrow approach

Use an immediate technique like Botox combined with Radiesse for deep corrections and Juviderm for fine lines and Sculptra for a slow progressive replacement of volume loss.

Lasers, injectables and skin care – when used together, the results can be truly outstanding.

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