Restore Your Youth


1.  Clean up your act – Nightly failure to remove your makeup can result in aging free radicals being trapped against the skin.  Cleansing wipes provide a rapid alternative to washing. Invigorating Antioxidant Pads are easy to use and gently and gently cleanse skin with a burst of nourishing antioxidants and vitamins.  This concentrated form of Vitamin C refreshes, evens and smooths, while Green Tea Polyphenols deliver free radical protection.  This helps skin resist aging with a resultant healthy, glowing complexion.

2.  Place Peptides on your Radar – Peptides are a favorite ingredient because they signal and support skin cells that produce collagen, firm and tighten to maintain younger, healthier looking skin.  Our Advanced Firming Complex and Advanced Peptide Complex are peptide infused products that are backed by science.

3.  Raise your hands – Always protect your hands with a barrier cream prior to sunscreen.  If applied to damp skin, Hand Repair Cream will moisturize and protect against penetrating chemicals and substances that you touch and bacterial invasion.

4.   Love your lips – Always use a lip repair – never use lip moisturizer or glossy lipsticks.  Lip moisturizers and glossy lipsticks contain chemicals that cause constant irritation and “Product Addiction” requiring constant re-applicaion. Lip Saver is your answer!!!

All named products are on sale for the month of February 2015 (while supplies last) through either office or on our web store at


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