Brighten & Block – Special Treatments For The Summertime


Each season presents itself with its own set of challenges.  Treatments and products must be unique for the season itself, and summertime is no different.  So while thoughts are on sun, vacations and heat, we still have to treat our skin right!

One of the number one reasons people come to the dermatologist is to deal with skin discoloration.  Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean we can’t fight the war.  Our summertime brighten and block treatments give us the perfect weapons to fight and win.  They call them sun spots for a reason!

Let’s take a look at our arsenal…  In Office Laser Treatments & Peels –

We use several different lasers to target and eliminate unwanted discoloration and redness. Results are fast with little to no down time.

Our new superficial peels can treat all skin types and leave your skin smooth, soft and ready for this exciting season.  They are used to treat sunspots as well as lines and wrinkles and will unclog your pores leaving you with radiant glowing skin.

The Brighten and Block Skin Care Regimen

While all of our skin care regimens are customized for each patient, here is a sample of what your summertime skin care looks like:

Cleanse – With one of the cleansers designed for your skin type.

Brighten Pads – With our Brightening Pads.  This easy-to-use pad contains a whole host of botanical lighteners and can be customized with prescription medicine depending on your needs.

Brightening Treatment – We use both our Retinol serum and our new Ultimate Beauty Balm to provide further brightening to the skin.

Block – Our office is known for offering the latest in sunscreens.  Our Advanced Antioxidant Sunscreen Cream offers a broad-spectrum SPF 50 in a hydrating base, while our Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Spray gives full protection in a weightless formulation.

Summertime does not mean a vacation from your skin!  To keep your skin looking its summer best, call our office today.

New to our Office – Ultimate Beauty Balm

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 10% Ultra-Stable L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Improves skin tone, texture and surface smoothness
  • Neutralizes free radicals and defends against environmental damage
  • Increases hydration
  • Brightens and softens the skin
  • Improves skin radiance
  • Superior penetration and absorption
  • Rich, emollient, paraben-free, pH adjusted formula
  • Non-greasy and non-comedogenic

Here’s a little teaser – Mid-Summer Launch – Clear Sheer – SPF 50 – The Absolute Latest In Sunscreen Technology!

Fall Preview – Morning Cell Repair Therapy – Enzymes and Antioxidants to work with your body’s natural repair systems in combination therapy with Evening Barrier Repair Therapy – State-of-the-Art Evening Moisturizer

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