February Specials

INTRODUCING – Hydrating Body Lotion – Nourishing body lotion with botanical antioxidants that protects the skins barrier with a smooth and silky finish.  Now $22, Reg $29


Eye Serums – 10% off of 1st and 20% off 2nd of same product:

Eye Hydrating Serum – moisturizes and smoothes

Eye Brightening – brightens dark pigment

Restorative Eye Complex – reduces fine lines

In office only – while supplies last

Chocolate Peel with Esthetician, Shirley – Chocolate – Not just for dessert!  Decadent organic facial experience to soften, brighten & replenish winters dry & dehydrated skin with Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe & seaweed.  Your face will say THANKS!  NOW $100, Reg $135

Zero Downtime – Amazing Results!   DermaSweep Facial – Silk brush facial to lightly exfoliate, brighten, smooth & renew skin with serum infusion finish. NOW $150, Reg $195

Chemical Peels with Dr. Effron – A variety of chemical peel options are available with Dr. Effron to address concerns of pigment, fine lines, and texture with zero to limited downtime to fit your needs and schedule – 10% off all peels

November Specials

CO2 Laser resurfacing to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to improve texture (includes Calming Mist, Creamy Cleanser & Calecim Serum) – Face – $1500, Face, Neck & Chest – $2400

Pumpkin Peel with Shirley – Light enzymatic peel with zero downtime to lighten and brighten and improve texture – Now $100, Reg $150

Rejuvenating Product Combo – Foaming Antioxidant Cleanser – Revitalizing cleanser that is rich in antioxidants + Rejuvenating Serum – Antioxidant rich serum that lightens and brightens – and helps to improve tone & texture – Now 15% off

October Specials

Sculpsure Targeted Fat Reduction – Zero-downtime fat-reduction treatment to reduce up to 24% of fat in treated area over 12 weeks – Buy 3 treatments for $2095 (same area) get 4th FREE

Fall Repair Treatments:

Calecim Serum – Stem-cell protein enhanced serum for brightening and reduction of fine lines – Buy 3 vials for $189, get 4th FREE

C-The Change CBD Serum (In-office only) – An elegant CBD concentrated serum for AM/PM application – 1000mg CBD – Buy 1 at full price ($89.00), get 2nd at 50% off

September Specials


Secret RF Treatment – Radio-frequency microneedling to improve texture, reduce fine lines and acne scars – minimal downtime – $150 off package of 3 tx

Zero-Downtime DermaSweep – Reduce discoloration, control acne and calm dry & sensitive skin – Now, $145, Reg $195

A SLIMMER you for the Holidays – SculpSure Fat Reduction Treatment – Buy a 3 treatment package and get the 4th treatment (same area) FREE

August Specials

Versa Filler

The VERSATILE facial filler –  2 vials – $150.00 off

Add Jeuveau – #Newtox – $12.00/unit



EffronMD LUXE – Pure Hydration +

A hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid serum for the ultimate hydration and brightening – Now, $69, Reg $79


“C” The Change Serum

An elegant CBD concentrated serum for AM/PM application – 1000mg CBD

Now, $76, Reg $85

July Specials

ONE DAY SALE – Thursday, July 25th – INTRODUCING JEUVEAU – the #NEWTOX – The newest Neuro-toxin has arrived – Relax those lines, diminish those lasting expressions.   Schedule now for your July 25th appointment for 35+ units at $11.00/unit.  Best price of the year!!

Add On – All Jeuveau patients on July 25th get 10% off ALL EffronMD Products!!! Add On – All Jeuveau patients on July 25th can PREPAY ANY LASER TREATMENT – $50.00 off (excludes tattoo removal). Add On – All Jeuveau patients on July 25th can PREPAY ANY FILLER TREATMENT – $50.00 off

ALL of JULY Special – CO2 Laser Resurfacing – reduces fine lines, wrinkles and improves texture –  Face Only – $1400.00, Reg $1500, Face, Neck & Chest – $2400, Reg $3000

June Specials

Father’s Day Special with Shirley – Dermaplaning/Micro-dermabrasion combo with a light peel – Zero-downtime treatment to renew and brighten facial skin & smooth surface – NOW $100, Reg $150

Need Botox?  Release those expression lines for a smooth and less stressed appearance – $50.00 off (35+ units)

Need Filler Too?  Smooth folds, enhance lips or add volume to cheeks -Additional $50.00 off (in stock filler when treated in the same appointment)

Father’s Day Facial with Shirley

Dermaplaning/Microdermabrasion Facial with Light Peel
Zero-Downtime treatment to renew and brighten facial skin for a fresh & smooth surface. Now $100.00 through Father’s Day. Call and schedule now for the special Father in your life!

May Specials

SculpSure – Fat Reduction Laser Treatment – Additional Treatments/Touch-up – Anyone having previously purchased SculpSure Fat Reduction treatments can purchase another treatment for $595 (any previously treated area)

Get Ready for Mother’s Day – Look your BEST for your special day – Purchase 2 vials filler & add Botox – $10/unit

Renewing Body Lotion – Excellent for dry arms and legs – Now $51, Reg $63

Restorative Eye Complex – Brighten and tighten – Now $57, Reg $72

Contouring Cream – Smooth and tighten, face, neck & chest – Now $57, Reg $72

Traveling Soon?  Free & Clear Shampoo for Sensitive Skin – TSA Approved 2 oz size – Now $5, Reg $6

April Special – Introducing Versa+

Versa, the latest in Dermal Fillers, an exciting addition to our cosmetic menu

Now 2 vials for $900 – (when treated on same date of service)