It’s no miracle, It’s Science.


What is CALECIM®?

CALECIM®: Cord Lining Conditioned Media

Our product is a patented protein mix derived from Umbilical Extract. It consists of the full complement of proteins that are generated by umbilical cord lining cells, creating a perfect media for skin health. The formulation does not contain any cells or cells particles.

As you age, your cells age too. Exposure to the sun and pollution aggravate this condition and further weaken your skin cells. When that happens, your skin regeneration cycle slow down from 28 days to 40 days or longer. As such, cells will take longer to shed – and this results in wrinkle lines, thinned skin, pigmentation and dryness. In other words, aged skin.

What CALECIM® has been observed to do in just 4 weeks, is to provide the nutrients that will aid your skin in restoring its natural renewal cycle. We call this skin reset – our cell-free conditioned media allows your skin cell cycle to return to its original, youthful state by creating the perfect environment for your skin to reproduce the essential nutrients for a healthy appearance. Because health, after all, is beauty. logo