October Specials


Green Tea Exfoliating Scrub – This scrub, fortified with green and white tea, delivers a soothing wave of heat to open pores and exfoliates the skin – now $33, Reg 39

Green Tea Serum – This calming serum delivers a therapeutic dose of Green Tea polyphenols to reduce signs of aging and to calm the skin and reduce redness – now $51, Reg 60

EffronMD Vitamin C Cream  – This cream provides  vitamin C to even tone when applied both AM and PM – now $44, Reg $55

SmoothShape Cellulite Treatment (with Kali) – Smooth the contours of hips and thighs with cellulite reduction by SmoothShape – Now $1200 for 12 sessions, reg $1440

DermaSweep Facial (with Kali) – Particle-free microdermabrasion that gently lifts and vacuums away dead skin and cleans pores, then infuses the skin with soothing solution – Now $159, reg $195

Introducing REVEPEEL – RevePeel is the latest innovation in peel technology with a combination of acids proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, balance tone and restore smooth texture to the skin.  (7-day recovery period) – Now $229, reg $329

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