Let’s “Clear Up” Some Acne Myths

“Bunk” is a slang term for nonsense, and in honor of June Acne Awareness Month, let’s debunk the nonsense of acne myths and aim for blemish-free skin.
Myth #1 Tanning Clears Up Acne
We’re calling “bunk” on this myth. The sun’s UV rays do nothing to zap acne. Instead, your skin dries out, inflames, produces more oil, and gets worse. It may feel at first like the sun is drying your acne, but it’s not healing it. We know this because we see tanned people all the time who still have acne. Plus, sun exposure increases your risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers.
Myth #2 Dairy Causes Acne
We’ve all heard that dairy causes acne, but this is definitely a myth. There’s been some speculation that an increase in insulin growth factor-1 leads to acne because it activates sebum production and that milk proteins inflame acne. The truth is that no scientific study yet has been strong enough to prove a correlation between dairy and acne.
Myth #3 Acne is Just a Teen Issue
Millions of adults who suffer from acne will tell you that it’s not just a teen issue. Yes, a whopping 85% of teens get some form of acne at some point. But just because the teenage years are over doesn’t mean acne ends too. 30% of adults ages 20-60, and beyond, deal with acne. It’s the most common skin disease. And it’s possible for women who had pretty clear skin as a teen to develop acne later in life.
Myth #4 Acne Will Clear Up Fast If You Scrub Your Skin
You can’t scrub away acne, and trying will actually make it worse. It’s true that all pimples begin with a clogged pore, and because acne can start forming several weeks before it appears, it makes sense to keep pores clear. A good acne-prevention routine includes using retinol for quicker skin turnover, washing your face before bed, and using non pore-clogging products. But once acne appears, scrubbing is a no-no. Instead, wash your face gently twice a day with a mild cleanser.
Myth #5 You Don’t Need to Treat Acne
Some people say acne will eventually go away on its own, so you don’t need to treat it. This is a myth because true acne is a chronic skin condition. If left untreated, it can damage your skin (and self-esteem) along the way. Acne is something that needs to be managed, and our dermatologists can help.
Dermatologists are up-to-date with all the latest breakthroughs for breakouts. They can clear almost any acne issue. The problem is that people often don’t ask for professional help. Instead, some people resort to home treatments that can do more harm than good, like dabbing toothpaste on acne to try to dry it up. Household products are not necessarily safe on the skin, and the fluorides in toothpaste can make acne worse. Leave all the guesswork up to the professionals and let us answer any questions you have.
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